Any MT for sale here on XB1

Just needed Melo to lock in the set that everyone’s been craving.
I already locked in the first Anniversary set, and I’m thinking if I should spend & on MT and try to buy Melo, wait for his price to drop since I have 350k rn, or buy VC and pray to the gods even though Ronnie going to block me cold with an DI Emeka Okafor.
My friend just packed a Melo on his last pack in a 10 box and I’m feeling it too.
Should I buy MT for this set, or for the 2nd Anniversary set, or both?

P.S. Also lmk prices on MT and Bulk order deals!!!
Have many vouchers on here and willing to go first!

I might be able to help you out, send me a DM man

Also if anyone wanna join the Party and watch the market, talk lineup, run some friendlies lmk
GT is KingKillerBrand