Any IRL Basketball Card Collectors here?

Have some cards, looking to get some more, any other collectors here?


Hell no. That shit is a bigger scam than 2k’s packs. I’ve seen some releases that are like $500-$1000 a pack. No thanks.

I have a lot of older basketball cards from the 90’s and 2000’s, though.


Yeah I used to collect. Have some nice cards from the late 80’s - Jordan Era - early 2000’s but haven’t collected in a long time.

Yessir. Who u collecting?

I used to, but unfortunately it was late 80s-90s when they are worthless. I am a collector in general, though. A bucket list item I have to own in my lifetime is this:


Mainly Vince Carter and Raptors Cards

Do you collect different inserts or all you full on like collect autographs and game used jerseys and stuff?

I have some from the 80s and 90s, but I stopped after that.

I have a Porcelain MJ card that my mom got me off of HSN back in the day. I wonder how much it’s worth. :thinking:


Exact same here, have some older a few newer

Shaq rookies Jordan basketball/baseball

My youngest has a little collection, Kyrie rookie, giannis rookie, Westbrook college card etc

Was never really into basketball cards, although I have a few. I was big into baseball cards though. My grandfather was a baseball card nut, there’s still like 4 large track trunks filled with boxes of them I have yet to sort through. I’ve already went through 2 smaller ones and the big finding was a Reggie Jackson rookie card. Mint condition, sealed in like 3 different plastic sleeves

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I’ve got some from the 90’s. 2 hand signed ones (pretty rare is Australia) it’s just a shame they are Aaron McKie and Latrell Sprewell so they’re worth nothing lol


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Are those cards worth a lot of money? How do you know which ones are? I have 1000’s of cards my dad gave to me when i was a kid and ones I purchased. But I think a lot of them are top flight cards are something like that.

You could make a post on r/basketballcards about it and ask them, I’m not too good with prices but if you have some good rookies then they could be worth something

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The sports card business is based upon card condition, and it is ridiculously strict. Gem Mint PSA 10 is the standard for full card value.

Many of you guys have cards that seem to be worth a lot, but unfortunately they are worth a fraction of book price. The smallest imperfections negate almost all value.

To give an example, I have a Bernard King(1978) rookie straight from the pack. A bit of wax makes it worthless.

At times, I have been a serious collector


Wow well yes my cards would be worthless by that standard. They are all just piled up in a box.

Yeah, man, I just didn’t want anyone to get their hopes up. I have boxes of stuff with no value. It’s cool as hell, though

I’ve got a few cool newer ones

Found the EQ god too

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You’d be surprised. The slightest imperfection can ruin it all, hardly noticeable bent corner or whatever can cost you tens of thousands of not more. Luckily my grandfather was very careful with handling cards, I was able to get a PSA grading of MINT on my Reggie Jackson, which according to the site values at around 20k. A near mint grade would only value at about 1k. There are cards out there auctioning for almost a million