Any ideas/intel on who will be released in the coming days?

Which set and players you think?

Sidenote: wtf is up with Magics price, it just keeps increasing :frowning:

I really have no idea what’s coming. Since they just did dunkers…possibly Sharp Shooters, or Playmakers?

I’ve been holding onto a PD Magic waiting for his price to rise. Are you on PS4, or Xbox? I’m also holding 2 Big Bens hoping that he becomes rare for the set, and 2 Giannis for when he’s out of packs.

People realizing Giannis is trash af at pg and now wanting Magic


Rumor is its TMac and Scottie Pippen.

I made that up dont get excited… lol

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Magic and Giannis together are an amazing tandem though. Those two just destroy a defense.

I was about to say stop playing with my emotions. Could be Swingmen again though.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Diamond Scottie came with MJs anniversary card. I’d actually be more surprised if he didn’t.

I wonder when the next throwbacks will hit the token market. There are an unusual number of Grangers on auction atm. I usually only see like 3 or 4


If it’s like last year, there will be a signature Kobe pack either this week or next week


Plus, Ronnie2K was running with his signature card a few weeks ago in stream.

I agree with your Pip theory.

PD MJ in 2 weeks for sure.

Where you running Giannis 3 or 4?

So many cards to come. Diamond throwbacks every week. Curious who the next ones will be in a couple days and if they release anything else too.

Giannis’ price is down on PS4. He’s going for like 390k

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that’s it?? :joy::joy::joy:

Yup. I hope he goes back up once the packs are gone. I wanna sell mike but I don’t want to lose a lot from stupid tax.

He’s been more than that? Usually fluctuates around the 400k mark on Xbox but I’ve seen plenty sell for less

Next anni is jordan 100% promo packs wont be released for a bit. We just had one. New content would be the throwbacks coming up

On PS4 he’s been going for 440-450k