Any ideas how to get 5 boards with Wade?

I’m at my wits end. I know a lot of people did this challenge with the position glitch, etc, but does anyone have an idea how to beat it now?

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I just let his opponent shoot it and then ran to the rebound, worked.

Trying that, but the opponent is Danny G who hits every thing if I leave him

Seriously over this shit, it’s more random than cracking the safe. Has nothing to do with skill at the game

Lol I literally just finished the series. Somehow my Wade got 6 rebounds in the first half. Just make a short lineup and user Wade. Stick haslem or someone like PJ tucker at center.

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switch matchup bro have wade guard nazir and go rebound huntin

Nah, pretty sure this is random and impossible without the OOP glitch. I invite anyone from 2k to do this challenge live on steam, if they do it within an hour I donate $1000 to their charity of choice

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I do this for you for 50k MT :slight_smile: