Any hidden gems to use in domination?

Gold Wiggins is my recommendation

Tim Legler. I can’t stress this enough


Emerald j rich , transition god
Sapphire gobert is a glass cleaner

where do you get him? is a token rewards player? and what’s so good about him?

Evo Haslem, nice rebounder and easily upgradeable to a ruby (only needs points and rebs)

95 3 ball

thats random lol

Ima try him after this game , I hate evo wade

95 3 ball, great release, beautiful badging

can you share his ruby stats?

still a few points/reb away, will share later

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Legler is confirmed a god

Simons feels so smooth


Bob Sura and evo Terrance Ferguson

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Legler has been bricking the living daylights out of his 3s for me.

im like 9-10 with him through 3 games

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How are you getting him open

you are more open than you think you are when the cpu is defending , let it fly

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Yeah ive noticed, think im not confident after shooting so bad with him. Tmac has been insane though for me esp with nurse

Also bagley has been great for me.

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any more emerald rewards that seem solid?

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