Any good snags last night?

Wondering if anyone had some good pick ups last night during the usual panic/fire sale the night before expected bid content.

I was able to get Granger for 368k with contract and diamond PG’s. Pretty solid, I must say.

Anyone else get some good deals, of were you in the selling crowd?

Is this on Xbox?

Yes sir. I figure I got away with that one. The auction ended with like a minute and 15 seconds left. One of those instances where 2K screwed someone over pretty bad.

Haha ya I thought so I don’t think base grangers end for less than 480k on playstation

I sniped two unlimited gilberts and a Blake. Not huge but the most it’s been lit for me on a couple weeks.

And I panic sold my petro lost like 40 k on him smh

They’ve been that way on XB1 lately, too. I’m sure someone was waiting to throw a bid or two in there during the last minute, and then the thing just ended. Crazy.



I let the Kobe bug get to me thinking all SG cards would crash

Ouch. I was thinking of selling some cards last night, but I’ve gotten fucked over too many times to panic sell the night before now. My diamond Durant with Foamposites and contract sold for 100k during the last panic sale. The very next day the card was back up to 150-175k. I feel your pain.

Smh I see yellow LAbrons ending at 200 k

Mine sold a week ago at 110 with kyries and contract

I thought hard about a diamond klay for 220 but passed due to today, I thought about getting that granger last night also but I’m worried granger will get a better card and that price will plummet making everyone have one of the best cards in the game like what’s happened to Roy

Yeah, I share the same worries. But I forgot how good that Granger is. Friggin’ plays like a high end pink diamond. I don’t think we’ll see another card from him for awhile, at least I hope.

I got BRoy wiht Contract and White kobes for 200k

Was able to sell my Broy with Contract and CP3.x for 180k,

So technically I got white Kobes for 38k lol

i managed to snipe a pd giannis for 100k earlier today. that made my day. sitting at 3.1m mt

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