Any Good Netflix Shows?

Im looking for a movie or new show to binge on Netflix because I just got it. Any recommendations?

What genres are you in to?

I liked kingdom, the ufc one

Peaky Blinders

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Ozark and Cobra Kai


Netflix? Oh you mean my The Office subscription?



It’s German with subtitles (don’t watch it dubbed) and I highly recommend it if you enjoy mysteries. There’s so many layers to it and every scene is used to expand, explain or further the characters and story. There is no wasted moment. Every time you think you’ve figured it out they throw you a curve ball. It’s excellent.

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Dark is one of the greatest TV shows of all time. Its a German drama/mystery/suspense series. Its gets super complicated in the 3rd (final) season but it is worth it. Amazing watch from start to finish

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I still have to watch the final season and already I am out of whack. I need to be zen when I watch it, if I miss 30 secs worth of scene Im out of the loop

I didn’t have trouble following it the first 2 seasons but the 3rd one is super complex. I think after episode 5, I had to pause and gather my thoughts because I got lost. Still amazing though

Good to know. Ill make sure to finish the series

New Girl


I think they removed parks and rec

Peaky Blinders

Dexter so you could get ready for next years 10 episodes series

Check out Evil it’s like CSI ish but religion/possessions factors really picks up like after episode 4

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Go watch “MARIANNE”

Kingdom the korean version

I have never watched a series twice until that one

Also dexter since there is another season coming out

I’m watching Better Call Saul right now but Ozark is really really good.


Better call saul is great!!!

Watch the (korean) kingdom @JohnnyHimrod !!


I can’t get enough of BCS lol. I’m currently on S3E3 and I finished BB and El Camino about 3 weeks ago. Gonna check out Korean Kingdom tonight or tmm.

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The shows name is kingdom but there’s another show called kingdom on Netflix

The one you have to watch is made in Korea

Only series I’ve ever watched twice

Cobra Kai and Better Call Saul