Any good diamonds for the low?


How low?

Devin Booker is prertty cheap rn

Under 40k preferably. I hear there’s good players wit di shoes for low is that true

95 LBJ is like 40K on xbox one

Gilmore, 95 LeBron, any of the recent Celtics

diamond horford. Dude puts in work for me off the bench

AD is a buy now. Friend got one with red kyries for 100k

Artest is under 40k now on xb1

Is the horford with Irving duo better than sabonis for off the bench

thats insane, davis with red kyries is end game for sure.

Ehhh I’m bias towards Sabonis since he has been a stud for me. And his Dimer is amazing but if you need a pg off the bench then I’d go win that duo since it turns them into goons

I like the Horford-Kyrie duo… but I only recommend it if you don’t have an issue with Horfords release and don’t mind using a PG who can’t dunk… I’d also recommend using Horford at PF since he’s 6’10 so you might have some trouble against taller centers.