Any game changers in the token market?

What cards from the token market made the biggest impact on your teams? Any tier.

DeRozan for sure


DeMar is great, Stoudemire has been a great card for me. Josh Smith is a really great glue guy, still an elite defender at SF/PF. People say EVO’s D-Rob is still an elite option but I don’t have him.

Pettit looks great but I didn’t have a spot for him and preferred Amar’e.

Penny EVO is viable but probably not worth the tokens now.

Would not recommend at this point Duncan, Parker, Grant, Beal, Lavine,


My SG and SF spots are already taken by Kobe and Thon. PF is vacant so Amar’e could be a nice fit…

None of them are game changers in the sense that they’re not better than auctionable alternatives. DeMar and Drob probably come closest though. LMA is great for just 150 tokens.

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DeMar / DRob

Penny and Grant aren’t worth it

I don’t have the rest

Somehow someway spree always gets his and LMA hits them from very far

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Demar is my favorite card in the game

After the jumpshot update two days ago, evoed DRob is better imo. Put a speed with ball and ball control shoe on him.

I sold Shaq because of him. He’s sort of like 70% of what Giannis offers, but is a solid shooter and gigantic player model.

Better jumper than any center I’ve used besides Tacko. And DRob’s defense is about 90% of what Shaq offers.

He can also get slashing takeover pretty easily.

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Diamond Jonathan Issac. Most bang for my buck. And can still lock up most wing players.


Depends on what you need but Derozan is a legit top tier card. Drob is very good as well. Amare and Josh Smith too, that’s probably the top tier

Diamond Laphonso Ellis is different. Perfect 3 and D wing

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Rj Barret
Jonathan Isaac.

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Petit is great 3 n d at the 3 big and grabs boards plus is shot is money with the shot update

Also throws it down hardcore

Demar and Amar’e are top tier. Drob is great but there are cheap options in AH that can replicate what he does.

If you guys had a small forward spot to fill, would it be demar or pettit?

Stoudemire is very good for me as well. Just feels like he finds a way to let me down at least once a game, like if I’m gonna rage, it’ll usually be his fault.

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That release is still kinda slow, I need to remind myself every time I pull up, hold it longer than you think you should lol

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