Any dota players here? (hope off topic is the right spot)

i know this aint the most obvious forum, but im just returning back to dota

anyone here who plays any dota and would like to stack and just play for fun?

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Lol > Dota



LeAguE iS beTtEr tHaN doTa

Yes Bro I’m Ancient II (99%) Going Ancient III.

Dota2 Player Since 2011.

Last time I played was december because I keep playing 2K now.

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oh damn, ive been a long time player, never got that good coz i always tried to get my friends to play and we played together

at my peak (patch 6.84) i was 3k, at this point if i actually played regular i think with no improvement im at a low legend level (maybe high archon)

I started late 2012, played crazy till 2015 then just stopped during college and randomly picked up between patches…

im sick of having no other games to play so im back in the toxicity

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Dota is soft as poundcake…
The game chat during a game of league is revolutionary
You’ve never truly experienced life until you rip a quick 5v5 in the rift

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My Max is 4.2K Solo Rating. I am not playing much dota right now.
I would maybe play this weekend to up my rank.

I have played league.

and id rather hear the voices of people shitting on me than the text

also im already paying for 2k players, dont want to buy my league heroes, id rather have the whole pool available day 1

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Im not near that good, but if you ever just wanna play some unranked or something for fun let me know

to come back to the game ive lately only been grinding single draft to force myself to play different heroes

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Okay Bro! Have Fun.

It smells like bitch in here…
Only the mentally strong survive in the League community

not a fan of lol. Smite > dota > lol

No Hate But I don’t like the Graphics of LOL that’s all.

Played regular dota 1 back when i was 12yrs old lol so 8yrs ago? When dota 2 Was handing out beta keys

Was ranked 3 in west coast in one of the hosts ( i forgot lol) all i did was stack 5v pubs tho cause i’d play with the mods so he’d shift us all onto one team

My record was like 86-4 or something like that



Still haven’t said any reason as to league being in any way better, not that i’d expect you to.

theres a reason dota originally created the genre, and league popularized it for the mainstream. Give me the more difficult one with greater choice and versatility anyday

Also, I watched professional league its such a boring shitshow… 30 minutes of game , 4 kills on both teams, less than 500 gold difference, might as well watch bots play

Dendi was a god


True. The graphics are horse shit. But nobody truly plays League for the graphics, it’s all for the game chat

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I’ll never forget the Wisp and Pudge combo lol

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Oppa Dendi

Correction: Dendi IS a god. Just been overshadowed now, but his impact and legacy on dota 2 is still godlike