Any domination tips? Im just starting it

Is the goal to 3 star everything?
Can i just use golds/rubies to save contracts?
Best tactic for 3 star?

As you go up rubies may not be enough. Your goal is to 3 star on the first try to not waste time and contracts

Is it domination thread o clock already?


I just finished regular domination with mostly golds and couple of emeralds, couple of sapphires . I haven’t tried all-time yet, and I’m sure I will have to upgrade my squad. I’ve been spamming limitless 3’s nontstop with emerald steph and sapphire Gibson, and when that doesn’t work, just running money 3 point plays or postfades with Gold Melo and emerald David West. I just wanted to save contracts. I don’t think I got the 10 free throws in any of the games but did blow the CPU out by a lot just on those 3s.

Basic tactics is get all your 10 freethrows and shoot 5 3’s and abuse the post

Just use a good 3 shooting PG and a dominate post player. The d usually sags back and you haveca pullup 3, when you don’t post fade cheese.

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The best advice you’ll get is on the inbound sprint forward pass the ball and you’ll have an open 3 every possession. It can be repetitive and boring, but fantasy domination can be difficult for some. With this method you won’t lose.

Work through this: Domination frustration

Just do this bruh :joy::joy:

Im guessing i can do rubies for the regular and as i get into the fantasy and all time i gotta use my regular squad

Make 10 freethrows or 10 attempts? Lol i got shaq

10 attempts. Lol

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yea sorry lol park buddy wife just gave birth so im gonna stop playing park for a bit and can focus on myteam

Your 2K says are numbered, but congrats on the new addition, bro. I mean…it is yours, right? Can’t just assume shit these days. She could be a surrogate. …idk.:thinking:


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My friends wife gave birth LOL not me


Well then I hope it’s not yours then.:joy::joy::joy::joy:

I thought that you were calling Ham your park buddy. :joy:

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Gonna use:

Curry / Hughes / caron Butler / Mirotic / Shaq

Kemba / Mo pete / Wallace / Kat

And focus on posting up

If you’re new to the game/cycle, if you do a search, you’ll find tons of pre-existing commentary. And always skim through Guides category to see if your topic of interest is covered.

For example:

This is good for Current Domination, not Fantasy. In Current, you can use cheap teams and do pretty much whatever, so long as you make sure to score mostly Assisted buckets, or off Post Moves. Get your 5 3PA’s, but don’t need to worry about FTA’s. So long as you play fairly fast pace. Be aggressive on D: with steals, double-teams, full-court pressure, etc.

Most people can cruise through Current. Fantasy is, like, two paradigm shifts upward in difficulty.

You’re gonna need a SF to run at PG when you face GO Magic.