Any broadband gurus?

Sometime between 11pm two nights ago and 5am yesterday my broadband stopped working, the bt hub6 router just flashes orange.

Tried all the usual steps before contacting bt, test socket, wires, reset, factory reset etc.

Contacted BT and they have sent out a new router which does exactly the same thing.

Contacted them again and they have booked an engineer to look but due to the virus its not for a month.

I’m on lockdown like everyone else and trying to run a Business from home at the same time which this has almost completely put a stop to.

Does anyone have any bright ideas?
Can I pay someone privately to fix it earlier?
Any help I would be greatful for!

Any friendly neighbors willing to share WiFi passwords? I’d be desperate and try to find a hotspot like a McDs and work from my car, I know that’s pretty dumb though

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Yeah, it’s a detached house and nothing close enough to be effective.

I’m making do with the hot-spot from my phone but that gets real expensive when it runs out

Does anyone have experience with hotpots and how much data things use.

I have 30gb to last 21 days after the month expires.

For emails, Web browsing and social media and streaming occasional videos, will I have enough to play 2k in the evening?

Anyone played 2k myteam on a hot-spot before? Is it heavy usage? Xbox if it matters