Any advice for banished O.G?

Hey there everyone,

This is the last place I have to turn for advice so please be kind . Last night while getting ready to start grinding limited I decided to try out some new cards in unlimited and ran into a typical loser unlimited opponent , pick and roll and pass it around until there is a millisecond that his big is open downlow and he was scoring or trying to score like that every single possession of the game , after beating him like a redheaded stepchild , I proceeded to send him a msg (something to the effect of :have you ever even seen a basketball game ?) To which he responded with deragatory remarks and recieved those same ones in return because I already wasn’t feeling his sore loser nature …I’ve been playing 2k since the Dreamcast days (yes I’m that old ) and I’ve ran into many “sweats” over the years , but I never really has am issue because I’m previous 2ks (before 2k20 I would say), actual basketball knowledge would beat any kind of gummick basketball almost every time .

Now back to my conundrum…after I was hit with the temp 24 hour suspension, I kept playing because it only restricts you from sending messeges , not playing online …Then all of a sudden an hour or so later I got hit with something I’ve never seen before in my 20+ years of gaming (red handshake ) which means PERMANENT suspension , at first I thought it was a glitch and restarted the console , in a few mins I started to feel sick…I’ve sunk 100s of hours into this year alone , I had melo and the best team in the game , Walt and IT, Vince and Kobe , Dikembe , Luka, DJ, Ibaka , PD Webber, the whole deal. And now I can’t play and will probably have to abruptly retire from 2k ala magic Johnson :frowning: this is honestly a day where I wonder why we moved from Ukraine all this years ago seeking freedom and liberty , and now I can’t even find that in a virtual world smh…I feel truly sad , for myself for humanity , all of it …sorry for the rent fellas , but believe me it comes from a legit fear and/or concern that we not longer live in a democratic society …they said they would call me back to discuss it, but I’m not holding my breathe , I was very close to qualifying last time , oh well wasn’t meant to be I guess, I wouldn’t wish this upon my worst enemy …thanks for reading and if anyone has any suggestions, I’m all ears , cheers and God bless.

Edit: I’m just reaching out in hopes that someone (anyone ) can help or knows someone that can , because deep down as an adult I know this just isn’t right and I’m on the verge of doing something about it that most wouldn’t even consider , I can’t just take this quietly guys, it would go against everything I stand for as a free man .so please find it in your heart to atleast not be mean if you can help it)

Oh gosh, that really sucks. Sounds like some trash talking got you into trouble.

I hope this come across as kind and not mean: we’re talking about a video game here, so maybe some perspective would help. It sucks to lose access to something you sunk a bunch of time (and maybe money), but life has a lot more to offer than NBA2K. Are there other games you enjoy? Or other parts of life that are important to you? Maybe this is an opportunity to engage in something else that would bring more meaning to life. Magic Johnson retired, yes, but continues to love a pretty darn good life even though he wasn’t a great executive for the Lakers :yum:

Apologies in advance if this wasn’t what you wanted to hear. I know there are other folks who know far more about getting bans overturned, so maybe they’ll chime in.

(On a different note, moving to the US for freedom is still what you got - but 2K is also a private company and can do pretty much whatever they want with bans. You have freedom of speech in public settings in the US, but not on a private platform like NBA2K, XBox, 2kgamer, etc. And, if your trash talk included racial slurs or homophobic content, 2K has extra incentive to ban you to protect other users from that kind of abuse.)

When I was a kid the only extra incentive you had to protect yourself were your fists , and if you weren’t willing to use them, there wasn’t going to be any incentive for you to capitalize on, I’m so sick of our sensitive and weak stomach society we’ve become , where calling your buddy a slur in public as a joke , happens to offend someone else , but if they stayed in their lane (like you should really ) and minded their own business rather than our conversation , them maybe they wouldn’t find themselves in a situation where they may be forced to use their fists …this was all in theory ofcourse and I’m no way am I condoning violence , but things like this has me feeling a certain way…to be honest,you offended me abit , as you went ahead and assumed I have no life and have nothing better to do than to play 2k, you so assumed that I live in the US, which is far from the only of country of freed in the world lol. These assumptions make me not want to engage any further , I will say however that I speak 6 languages fluently and moved to Canada when I was about 17, and doing pretty good in life financially …thanks for not contributing much to my question and have a nice day…just the fact alone that you think this type of trash talking can get you "in trouble " , something which you’ve had the time to process and accept tells me everything I need to know in terms of you understanding the difference between democracy and communism as a whole , there is no other way to put it, so I apologize in advance …1 last thing, if 2k is the only company in the world that makes basketball games them they are no longer private platform , there are so many flaws in your logic than I’d rather not go on and appear to insult you because thats what our society dictates. Were taking about totally different issues here friend , which kind of defeats the purpose of this thread …all the best .

Its sad really, this sensitive society where you have to watch out for every word that you say/type, I still remember the good old days of MW2 lobbies, where we’d banter each other with a lot of words that would probably got us insta-banned now lol, its fucking pathetic tbh, I got into trouble a couple of times as well on PSN in the last year, for one swear word that wasnt even written in English (Kobe would know :joy:) and I got was only a warning from PSN for a bs like that…

So yeah definitely feel for you. Out of curiosity…where did they ban you? On PSN/Xbox Live or 2k?

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It was Microsoft that banned me,.on Xbox (current if you wanna get specific )…that handshake symbol you get when you first turn on your console , when it’s orange , your suspension is usually a day or 2, when it’s red like it is fore (which I’ve never seen before ) means it’s permanent . I’ve been recovering from back surgery for about a year which is why I’ve had so much time to play…all time I invested and stole from myself so Microsoft can go ahead and violate me to their liking , I’ve been playing video games since the original Nintendo , but if they don’t give me my account back , I will never pay a dime for any game and make sure my children never ever have to feel the way I feel now , they didn’t even call me back like they said they would ,as crazy as this sounds I’m going to see a lawyer and look to get something in return for all the time I spent and sometimes money into tjosbhake for them to bam me like this …when I know for a fact that some twitch streamers (caugh caugh Meyers Leonard -amd there have been many much worse ) have gotten suspensions for much worse , yet were able to recover their account , for this reason ima go ahead and spend thousands of dollars to hold them accountable cause apperantly noone else will…thanks for your sentiments friend , but I’m really just looking for advice before I create a vandetta here , cause I’m not going to accept being violated like this …the more time passes and I’m unable to play a game I payed for , the more angry I get , and the more plans for potential retribution I’m trying to come up with , if you have anything to contribute , please feel free

Its weird really that they’d perma-ban you for a couple of slurs, unless its a repeated offense… which I’m guessing it isnt right?

I get that you’re mad and all man but I still dont think its worth it to get lawyers involved and everything, but thats just me. Good luck :+1:

Wow, you complain about society being soft and this is your response? What a fucking snowflake you are. You’re offended by my comment? Put on your big boy pants because you’re gonna need them in the real world.

You’re fundamentally wrong about 2K being the only company making a basketball game. And, even if you weren’t wrong about that, private companies can ban you for the behavior you described, and they obviously did so.

You’re complaining about a video game. Get the fuck over yourself, you tiny baby.


You’re right , if I was you I wouldn’t think it’s worth to get lawyers involved , but I’m making a stand …you can’t steal hours of my life from me and expect no kickback of any sort…this is the reason they think this is acceptable in the first place, because we accept it…let’s be honest …the 2k community has become the most toxic in sports gaming , not this site specifically , but just the sheer hostility and unneeded bad vibes I can count from my opponents has been at an all time high…not so many years ago it wasn’t out of the ordinary that someone would send you a message “GG” after you just shipped them by 40 and NOOONE would quit their games early , no matter the score , cause that doesn’t happen in real life , and most 2k players just wanted a realistic game that appeared and acted as such .we’ve been pushed so far into the corner that we accept that calling a few guys an asshole because they play the game like a 4 year old is unecceptable , and I’m coming out of that corner because you would too, trust me …I’d like to see you having your account taken away…I’m willing to bet my life you would react the same way and "just let it slide "…this has effected me so deeply that I’m considering not letting my children play online connected videogames until they are adults …me who’s lived and seem how just about everyone lives on this planet …no offense but I don’t think you realize how much our right to play a videogame has been stripped , sorry I can’t play games as a muted statue , I havnt picked up that prized ability yet lol …on a serious note …I know a few developers and friends of post here frequently , so of anyone could kindly connect me with someone to help my cause I would make it worth your while monetarily if doing things out of the kindness of your heart isn’t your thing …I have no issues with that , I will pay.

I explained to you why your comment was neither in good taste nor relevant because of the reasons I stated , and who jumps right to insults ? I know it wasn’t me…there is no need for all this hostility bud, if you have nothing to say to help the situation, keep it moving , pretty simple ,I won’t be replying to you in the future , once again stay blessed and mind your own business unless you’re willing to help .P.p.s you have no idea what size pants I wear unless you have a magic globe , in which case I think you be dissapointed in your accomplisents in life so far compared to mine (see we can all get petty and ugly , but then we would all be assholes, think about that before you hastily reply with your twitchy fingers )

P.s I see I made a mistake here when I tried to reply and ended replying to the wrong person, my apologies so don’t hold it against me, I think my replies are logical enough for people to figure out who I was replying to ,if not , I will confirm if needed

You’re the perfect example of what I was trying to convey, just waiting to unleash all that hate for no reason because you feel you’re justified , feel free to go back into that corner man lol I think you belong there

So in your messages with the other player.
Did you say anything against the T&C? Honest answer.
And you messaged him first after beating the guy? Why? What did you expect? I’m sure his message was horrible and he cops a ban for it.
You noted you responded to the derogatory remarks the ‘same in return’ but if you bite back, that’s 100% in you buddy.

Whether you think it’s ‘soft’ or snowflaky’ is irrelevant when you agree to use a companies platform you play by their rules. That’s not ‘communism’ dude. That’s real life.

If you didn’t say anything against the T&C then you have the messages, MS will clear it up and you get your account back.

Simple really. Hopefully it’s the latter.
Hopefully your account is unbanned and you don’t send / respond to messages in a manner that might cause a ban dude. Take the win and move on, don’t send messages that could cause this again.

Sorry just reading your replies. You are getting lawyers involved?
For what reason? It’s a pretty clear cut scenario here.

Did your message break T&C? No matter how many hours of your life you have played is irrelevant, it doesn’t give you a pass to break T&C.
This seems like insanity. Any lawyer who takes this up is getting the easy $ for taking you for a ride. and 2K/MS shut it down in a millisecond.

Step back my man. Send the messages to MS. If you did nothing wrong you are sweet. If you broke T&C take the lesson and make a new account. You ain’t winning a lawyer battle with a losing case from the get go.

No shade at you. Just reality man.


I respect your opinion but most of what you said doesn’t really apply here …did I do anything against TOS? Well let’s see…I’d say like 40% at minimum on forms on of any kind buy MT…to answer your question, NO I didn’t break anything in TOS unless it’s against the rules to stand up for yourself , I just play this game for fun , when someone chooses to insult me.on some way that I see as them hiding behind a screen , I’m going to call them up.on it…I also don’t see why this has to be hard…I’ve gotten many 24 hour bans that just restrict me sending messeges or inviting people to, but I could still play online whatever game they wanted …and to be fair there is nothing or noone that should be BOTH Take my money and take my right to say whatever I want , you can have 1 but you can’t have both , I have a diploma in business admin so I know that’s a fact my friend. I don’t get the sour introduction or assumptions tho, you’ve never spoken to me nor do you know about my situation as you keep self admittingly making assumptions on multiple occasions …how can I not feeona certain way when you do that ,? Is that common in your culture ? Cause im my colture you treat people with the same respect that you expect to be treated instead of throwing accusations and hoping for the best…maybe it’s not me that needs to step back my friend , just saying …it’s not some conspiracy my guy, things are just the way they appear , weather you pay your subscription or not , sorry to have disturbed you smh silly me thinking I could come here for some advice and/or answers …surely someone who reads this doesn’t hate all living things …or is mascarading as a company mascot, I think I’ve seen enough of that for 1 day.

You sort of beat around the bush with the ‘did I break any TOS’ with ‘well no, unless sticking up for yourself….’

Again. It’s not about feelings etc. or about of X% of people buy Mt/do something else against TOS. Those things don’t change your matter.

If you didn’t break TOS, send the messages to MS/2K and you are unbanned. It’s really that simple.

The rest is fluff my man. You can write extravagant paragraphs for days and it won’t change the reality of what was or was not said on the messages.
Your diploma holds no weight against the black and white of if you broke TOS. It’s really simple.

They didn’t take your money and take away your right to ‘say whatever’ you want. You cannot pay to say whatever you want, that’s not how things work.

You paid for the game, you agreed to the TOS. If you break those TOS, no one is taking away your right to say what you want, it’s simply enforcing a rule you agreed too, again there would be no legal weight to hold an argument against that. None.

And I’m not making any assumptions or personal opinions about you. Im treating you with respect dude. I hope they look at the messages and find no wrongdoing and unban your account.
It’s called personal responsibility and we all have it, in every ‘culture’.

You reply as if I have a stake in this. I hope you did nothing wrong and get your account back.

Like I said. The messages are your way to get this solved.

Post a screenshot here if you assume people are making assumptions.

That’s all anyone needs to make a decision on it.

Not who you, me or the other player was. That doesn’t matter. Everyone agrees to the same TOS and the apply blindly how they should.

Post the messages and maybe someone will be able to help you if you can get an unban or if you have (hopefully not) broken the TOS.


Since you’re writing paragraph after paragraph but have yet to actually tell us what it is you said I’m gonna assume it was pretty bad and maybe you deserved to get banned

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Everyone for some reason is assuming I did the worst , despite acting like a gentleman the whole time and only asking for advice …did you stop for a moment and think that maybe I don’t have a Twitter account and don’t know any other way of reaching out to 2k. As far as posting a screenshot , if you know anything whatsoever about bans and how they are applied ,you would know that any comment that was deemed inappropriate is automatically erased and replaced with something like "this msg no longer exists " …that being a fact , it makes half of what you wrote completely irrelevant , once again. , No , I didn’t break TOS for the 3rd or 4th time I’m saying it now . I was called a deragatory name, and I responded accordingly , I didn’t zoom in on any group of minority as I am a minority myself …so man , honestly , if you’re not willing to give me sound advice on what I should do (not write letters to 2k/MS) cause that DOESNT work, first if all 2k has nothing whatsoever to do with this ban, it was strictly MS who did , when you call them they say they don’t have any contact with the enforcement team and can’t do anything about it , they are even trained to say that something similar happened to the agent you’re taking to , in order to show non existent sympathy…again ur just assuming the worst and sprinkling in self doubt in case you’re wrong , well I’m here to tell you that YOU ARE WRONG, I did nothing unacceptable and didn’t even call the other players any name he didn’t call me , it wasn’t even that serious , dude asked if I’m gay because he felt some way about getting smacked by 20 pts ? I said no I am not , would it make you happy if I was ? Would you treat me nice and dandy like you treat your other gay aquiantances ? I think you should seek some professional help is what I said to this guy, and calling people a f***ot isn’t taking away everyones attention from you acting like an animal …ok ? Satisfied ? I don’t wanna hear anything more from you unless it’s in good taste and is helpful to my cause , I didn’t come here to argue with strangers about something that they know nothing about (what happened to me ) , so like I said originally if you don’t have anything useful to say , please move along , on the other hand if you want to be more specific on what you mean by "write letters to 2k/MS, I would be very greatful but as it stands you have contributed nothing to my cause, please change my mind if you can …stay blessed and take that hate out your heart , it will come back to you , trust me .

Than why are you asking the 2K community? This is… doubtful anyone here works for Microsoft however we do follow content creators that have pull. So go to Microsoft forums ( air your grievances there with your attitude including your…

“diploma in business admin”

“not letting my children play online connected videogames until they are adults”

" I’m going to see a lawyer and look to get something in return for all the time"

Mods lock this up.


Sure looks like he’s a repeat offender.


Agree lock it up.

He doesn’t want help/advice.
He wants to vent.
Which is cool. At least be honest about that.
Vent all you like dude. Vent about other players cheesing, offballing, 3 hunting.
Don’t pretend you are blameless for your own actions though.

Clearly the messages broke TOS (would you treat me nice and dandy like you do your other gay acquaintances). That’s a clear breach (as is the guy on the other end, both will end up with bans), other guy will make a new account and keep playing, take his L and hopefully learn.
OP is getting a law team ready to take on MS which is, frankly, hilarious after reading the replies. Free speech (nope), time lost on a game (how? You played the game fine before the messages and they owe you nothing if you break TOS). Communism. It has it all. Except a chance in hell to even get an intern at MS to begrudgingly write a letter to your ‘lawyers’ advising this is a non case and close it up.

If you didn’t break the TOS, send the details to MS and get unbanned. It’s the simple. If you are so adamant you didn’t break TOS, there is no one here who can help you more because you already have everything you need to get unbanned.

I like to think this site is helpful and respectful and all I have seen is that in the replies. No one has said anything Ill toward. OP just doesn’t like the replies. Cannot be helped there.

He has previous bans, a clear pattern.

At least report back when you have sent the lawyers. I would love to see how that one plays out for you. That’s a story we need an ending too.

Honestly, I hope you get some sort of clarification and some price of mind, if you did nothing against TOS, get your account back and back on the grind. If not, just learn from it dude. You, me, anyone in this site are not above the TOS and not should we be.

Look forward to seeing your outcome my man.

Best of luck. Peace.


Makes sense yeah, no one gets banned for their first offense…if he was breaching their terms on regular basis he definitely had it coming. On PSN I heard it takes quite a few of these “mini” offenses to get banned so I’m guessing its the same on Xbox.

I simply gave him a benefit of a doubt because 2k literally banned me for no reason, luckily they fixed their mistake and unbanned me later…but yeah, doesnt sound that was the case for him :sweat_smile: