Any 2k19 defense tips?

I cant get used to not using my right stick. The moment i use it my player turns to mud, reaches, or jumps

Dont reach and dont jump unless u know they have to shoot it, i play shot clock defense, dont reach, dont go for pumps, just stay in front of them for 18 seconds,


^^^ that. No need to jump all over the place this year. Keep your feet on the ground and stay in front. Only reach if it’s like a Gary Payton and you’ve got Marc Gasol trying to dribble on you. Only jump within the last 6 seconds to a jump shot. Jump within the last 2 if they have deep post position. Otherwise they can fake you out of your shoes


That’s how I did it in triple threat, unlimited, and the couple games I played with my friends and I clamped up


Do u guys use your right joystick?

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Only in the waning seconds of the shot clock to put my hands up. It slows you down so much now it’s not worth it

hands up, dont jump, cut off the easiest path to the basket so even if u get beat u can recover and catch up

yeah forreal if i touch my right stick i turn to mud

And don’t hold l2 the whole time, I only use l2 to cut people off at the end. L2 and your right stick are for finesse and contests. They slow you down considerably

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Tapping the b button while pressuring off the inbound has worked a few times for me to bump guys off the ball. Tapping b is a new animation this year. Still figuring out how to use it properly

What does b do?

hey bud whats up :slight_smile:

Its like a small push ? Try it. Also can look on the controls. There is definitely a timing and position aspect to it. But man stealing is very op this year. Holy shit. Running a small pg might actually be viable

Must be tough seeing raps improve so much and cavs lose lebron. Sexton looks like a monster tho. Looking forward to our battles in the east

You know where the real battle is at this year :smiling_imp:

Continuously tapping L2 instead of holding really helps get better animations.


That was preached last year.

My thought is that tapping instead of holding means that you don’t really get sucked into a Crowd The Dribbler/Collision sort of animation, which means that you’re more free to be mobile, and can maintain the distance you want.

But you’re also not crowding the dribbler and putting on a Stamina/Bruiser hit.

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I’ve had multiple instances earlier today where I got called for fouls by just crowding the ballhandler with the left stick and not pushing any other buttons. The foul calls this year has been pretth prolific.

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we had our time good luck to you guys this year

yea tap L2 so u can still move around and catch up