Anthony Davis trade: Where will he end up going?

Hearing that Raptors and Lakers are interested as well as the Knicks and the Bucks. Where’s everyone thinking he’s going to end up?


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If he ends up in Boston I’d be pretty happy. I’m mostly hoping for them or Raptors but idk . Apparently he’d only be there for a year or two since he wants to go to LA and would just sign there anyways when he can. I would say if he goes to Toronto or Boston I’m hoping he likes it there and stays. Both teams are great so I would think he would rather a Eastern team instead since its easier to win there.


You should watch Maccabi - Baskonia today, it will be a good game

So they would trade Kyrie for Davis?
I only watch nr1 here :smiley:

Kidding for sure, i’ll watch the game.


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One thing is sure, it will be an ugly “divorce”.

Btw i think that his only desire are the Lakers. There’s no other reason to ask a trade when Boston can’t offer anything, knowing that they are interested. Smart move AD, smart move.

But remember that the Pelicans controls everything here and they don’t need lonzo


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Yes and no.

AD could easily talk any club”don’t trade for me, i’m not going to going to resign next year”.

I don’t think that someone is willing to trade some quality players and first round picks for a year of Davis, who alone means nothing like at the Pells.

And btw… only @MChris6 needs Lonzo :grin:



C’s def. Tatum, picks, filler. They could trade Brown too, Anybody not named Kyrie is on the table. Pels aren’t really going to find a better package outside of the Lakers giving them pretty much all of their young guys.

I hope they wait til offseason to trade hik so boston can get him

Knick’s. Pelicans get 1st pick in the draft. I just hope they don’t pick Zion. Please no.