Anthony Davis Shoe

Title says it all… What shoe are y’all putting on AD?

Kobe ad mid baby

White Kobes

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Red Kobe SD mid, because open 3 can be boosters with coach contested 3 cannot and all the other boost are way better imo for that card. Pass perception, lat quick, ball control and swb!

pretty sure that shoe has driving layup instead of lat quickness

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I used kds contested 3 and speed


I’m running pg1 like them so far!

Use Kobe as mid you get sharp glass when using that shoe


Sharp/glass with pg

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I’m running Steve Kerr. What would his takeover be w/o a shoe

I’m sorry I don’t have Kerr so I’m not sure

I am pretty sure you are right. I wanted to put the cp3x on him until I realized he can only wear Nike. My bad, that lay up boost is also nice though

I’ll tell you the acceleration boost is nasty on him

I put that shoe on him, and all I can say is oh my god. He’s a beast.

You guys making me rethink my shoe choice. That 99 open 3 is tempting but 88 contested is a bit low for someone with a slower release


He’s so much faster with that shoe.

Telling you the money maker is the acceleration lol

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thats true i guess accel is better than top speed. that steal and post fade is nice. im not selling mine and rebuying it cuz im afraid of losing MT. Might just eat the cost of that shoe lol

I am totally dissapointed that you cannot get the post scorer takeover on him. Even with the only shoe giving him +5 to post offense, he stays as glass cleaner/rim protector for me.

Any consensus for the shoe to AD ?