Anthony Davis is a Lakers. OFFICIAL

This is a good friend of Lebron and it basically confirm Ad to the Lakers. WOJ BOMB could be coming in the near future


Nah no one wants to play with Lebron. He’ll just demand that you get traded




Ad Kawhi jimmy kyrie all had interest in LA. So stop with this narrative


Yeah the Clippers lol

only AD and he still probably won’t come

The celtics are focus on getting bum capela

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When did Kawhi have proven interest in the Lakers lmao
I’ve actually seen multiple reports that the only LA team he’d consider was the clippers

Wait for it as Carlo googles it and posts a random link

Kawhi wanted to go any LA team. Lakers or Clippers

Only one I can see is Butler after striking out on everyone else. Butler the locker room cancer and Lebron. Should be fun to watch

For the record I agree with his overall point the narrative that no one wants to the Lakers is overplayed
Obviously there front office is a mess but at the end of the day with a team that franchised coupled with a player like Lebron there will probably always be a few players interested in going there such as AD and Kyrie (allegedly)


All I’ve heard is Kyrie to the Nets

Ad Lebron Butler Kuz sound fire to me

Proof? I’ve literally seen articles that he doesn’t want to team up with Lebron that i’d Be happy to link if you want
Though at the end of the day all of these articles aren’t proven either, so idk how you could definitely throw his name in that list lmao

You literally don’t have the cap space for Butler and AD on max contracts lmao

Exactly. There’s no such thing as proof. Every article is equivalent to gossip. Everyone claims to have “sources”

He was maybe interested in the Knicks. Then he narrow it down to the Lakers and Nets. He picked the Nets but he still considered the Lakers

I’m so glad you and Kyrie FaceTime lol

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He picked the Nets already? Thanks for the inside scoop Carlo😂