Another Scammer Thread: Dwadepumpfake

This happened last week and I didn’t post right after as I wanted to see if he came back to the site, but he hasn’t. Anyways, I got scammed out of 100k MT as he we was going to help me transfer MT.

Here is the convo:


always go second as the seller. sucks it happened to you tho

He wasn’t sellin he was trying to transfer lol

oh well, then i would only transfer with trusted users

Bruh…Can’t you ask someone like me or anyone else that has more rep then ocean has water to help you out? sorry for your loss tho :frowning:


Damn that’s just annoying and petty. Sorry bro.

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Damn, what’s up with all these scammers lately? Sorry to hear about that.

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They’re “cashing out” for the year.

Thanks homie. Yea I should have waited for sure but that night I wanted to get it done fast. He had vouches on a sale thread but I should have been more careful. I’ll take you up on your offer soon.

Dont forget im EU so im going to sleep soon :sweat_smile: