Another reason servers could be trashed

The game is $3 on both systems. Lots of new players


With all the new players the servers are overloaded

If I play a game will it crash when done and give me an L

Sometimes it crashes you don’t get the L tho. I been sticking to TTO

I been trying to buy Yao and KP for the last 30 minutes wtf 2k.

Shake said Christmas noobs in June lol. Should be fun on Unlimited this weekend :joy:


And all I want to do is play my 12th game… Smh it will be July at this rate.

this is terrrrrrible the AH is beyond laggy

I just want to buy some players. Already got robbed of extra mt I was supposed to get back.

If the servers aren’t bad easy 12-0 for me



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This makes sense, I got matched up in mtu earlier today with a guy who was running what looked like a starter pack.

Hella people in TTO running starter pack teams lmao.

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