Another Kobe that’s Higher Than Opal!?!?!?

The language in this video…:eyes: got me thinkin. Ronnie said “could be opal…could be something else…”

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Right if they are going to honor anyone with their own tier, it’s going to be Kobe, but how could there be a tier higher than GO, particularly when they already typically release all 99 GOs?


Watch it be a free agent card lmao


Uh no. He’s just spitballing like all of us

He doesn’t know more than we do most likely. And if he does, he did a good job of not letting us see that

Remember - he is just the marketing director. He gets told things on a need to know basis. He isn’t driving the content that the game puts out and he probably isn’t even in meetings with high level executives that are trying to secure the rights to make a Kobe card


Ronnie also said we could get a diamond kat from a code last year, ended up being a Ruby. Maybe thats the something else

GOAT Tier. Make him free. Then they can release others after Kobe to monetize the new tier: MJ, LBJ, etc.

Y’all listening to Ronnie again… that’s bait


Maybe something else. Well a Ruby Kobe technically IS something else… :man_shrugging: :man_shrugging:

those words :nauseated_face:

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This lmao they can call the tier whatever they want at the end of the day all 99 stats and 75 HOF badges is as good as it’s gonna get so it really doesn’t matter if they call it Galaxy Opal or Thanos tier.

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100% agreed.

Even the way he says it could be a galaxy opal or it could be something else comes off more as him covering his bases more than hinting at anything in particular like a new card tier.

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I’d rather trust a kid that pronounce Zion Williamson ZE-ON WILLSON before I trust Ronnie

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Yet he could name the exact ratings of the PD. He also said could be coming in weeks or days

Put those cards in token market and make it 1750 like last year

Whatever they drop it sounds like they need Vanessa’s blessings first from that video.

Yeah bc it’s his job to market what they have out

His job, in a nutshell, is to schmooze with the big shots (ie not piss them off) and take all of the heat from the public so the actual people with decision making power don’t have to

Does he have some knowledge and power with what we get? Sure, I guess so. But he is not, and never has been, the most effective person to complain to. He’s just who they tell us to complain to

He’s gotta know everything about the PD Kobe bc they wanna market the fuck out of that + the challenges. First Kobe content since he died, doesn’t matter how ass the card is he needs to stand up there and defend it and say it is great to draw people in

Evo GO like simmons

I live my life by one motto:

“Never trust Ronnie ever no matter what…ever”

cats already asking for another free kobe :rofl: