Another Final Token Opal Thread

Who you taking?



The Glove

Assume that I already have everyone else.

Don’t have any particular needs to fill.

Playstyles of the cards as I understand them from videos:

Mikan surprisingly good handles and release like Oscar. Could play like McHale as a dribbling big that can shoot it.

Frazier basically James Harden with base 11.

Payton elite post D for a smaller guard. Quick base 9 release and fast momentum dribble. Great at creating open 3s.

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Base 11 with hardens dribbles sounds nice. especially that stutter step hesi he has.

Definitely sounds nice

He has exactly the same stuttering hesi

Ppl just freeze. That was a solid tip.
Dnttalk did a Mikan vid that looked nice. Might be a hidden gem like Mchale was.

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PG probably a mega beast if you actually really play through your point guard to control the game and on-ball your opps.

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I’d go Walt. He was super fun last year

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I’ll pick up Payton next

Can’t compare, but Walt is fun

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Sounds like Walt may be funnest

Payton probably a better all around card with that post D. Could legit guard SFs in the post.

I have McHale so thinking I really don’t need Mikan

I don’t have any reward opals, but GP is probably my 2nd favorite PG all time and I’d probably pick him over anybody

GP are you with me!