Another day, another hypothetical NBA versus thread 👀

Ik Ik, it depends on era, with all that being said. Give me warriors



this is a hard one and i could be suaded either way tbh but i got the Bulls rn

Chi town all the way

Clamps all day

The 2017 Warriors were too stacked. Not even mentioning Zaza, Javale, David West, and Kevon Looney who was solid as well.

Give me the warriors. Too much skill and talent.

Ok, ok people… Don’t you all get it? It doesn’t matter who is on the other side… MJ just can’t and doesn’t know how to loose championships😎

Bulls all day. Period

Better coach better team. And they have the GOAT

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Chiraq baby

Who tf gonna score on Ron Harper MJ Scottie Pippen and rodman

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Warriors in 5

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If they played today I’d imagine that Rodman would play at the 5 and Kukoc + Pippen would play the forward spots.

I’ll take the Bulls.

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KD, Klay and curry off screens

The sleeper here is Kukoc

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What combo could the Bulls not switch in that situation tho?

Idk it would be a close one, and a fun one.

And the warriors sleeper is Livingston

Warriors in 5. No question. Too stacked.

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Its the greatest defense ever vs the greatest offense.