Another ball drop discussion

Okay so I’m 100% I’m not the only one that’s a firm believer these ball drops are somewhat scripted now. The only TDIH card I legitimately got was ruby Jordan and ever since I’ve gotten the worst or second worst reward. For the new one that dropped today, I dropped the ball in the very left corner cuz I wanted anyone other then MJ and straight up the games frame rate dropped crazy then all the sudden hit a peg and flew into MJ, didn’t hit any other pegs, I swear to god. Has this shit happened to anyone else like that? It’s gotten to the point I might not even bother with TDIH cards anymore.

I disagree. I can’t hit my target every time, but I know generally where to drop for any spot to have about a 50-50 chance of hitting.


I’ve seen this happen once on one of the previous TDIH drops. Wish I recorded it but it was not using the same physics as a normal drop and beelined straight for the card I didn’t want.

Occasionally I see extra-sticky balls that creep down the side like one of the wacky wall crawlers but most of the time the drops feel true.


Same thing just happened to me lol i aimed for petit and it only touch 1 peg and went straight to the lanier i already have

Same rig

I’m telling you there’s smaller windows you can’t visibly see besides the gaps that are visible plus a sprinkle of 2k fucking you or not fucking you

I get screwed on crazy ball drops often

Its not rigged

I still prefer this over time-limited codes that reach its limit in 40 seconds


I’m sorry, but I think it’s either coincidence or luck, via RNG.

I have seen a ball at one end land in the opposite end’s slot.

There is no method to this, as I have also experienced a ball jump on the slot’s walls 3 times in a row…

There’s too much consistency for me - I can hit the corner 50% of the time even.

How do you typically drop the ball to hit the corner? I really want Pettit lol

You can also drop it just to the right of where I did, in between the lower peg and the next peg to the right. No guarantees, of course, but it gives you the best chance.


I generally get what I’m aiming for .
when you have over 1000 ball drops you naturally start to gather information on where drops launded when you placed them here or there .

If your “prize” is in the the first three slots drop it in the first slot

If it’s in the last 3 slots drop into the last slot

The middle is harder but you have to look at the lower rungs and decide where you drop from that

In the middle, my best strategy is right on top of the next peg over, so it trickles to the side toward the card you want.

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Mine too

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