Anniversary Set 2 Predictions

bird -> kd -> bean -> lbj

was pretty confident about this drop order til the kobe visual glitch today

what do you think will be the order of anni set 2 drops?


I just want that kd


Yeah thought for sure kobe and bron were last now i think it goes kobe bird kd bron

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I want bird/kd


I’ve been waiting for Bird & KD
And Lebron with a HOF Dimer

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LeBron will bring the 2k18 blow by’s back

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still dont understand why kobe is a pd man

Been having people just pile drive to the rim and get contested layups with Magic against me lately. Shit is annoying. Literally no way to guard it and there is no opportunity for an on ball steal as there is when dribble masters are looking for a three.

Reward players that suck…makes sense.

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PD Kobe, GO Kobe, Cosmic Pearl Kobe, then Passion-Fruit Garnet Kobe


If PD Bird -> Diamond Ainge/Parish?
If PD Kobe -> Diamond ???

Id say Kg but thats his anni

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I see this every game but Reddit keeps telling me I’m making it up.

I’m assuming he’s a PD because his passing stats are zero… :joy:

If we get we finally will the GOAT…diamond Bob Cousy.

i want all of them

4 x 250 packs x 10k mt AT BEST.
I think i’d rather buy each without pulling packs.

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I think we will get Bird today

what do you guys think are gonna be his 6 badges? maybe C&S, Tireless, DRD, Corner, Difficult and Limitless?

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Bird with no Limitless? Makes me rethink of getting.

oh thats the one i forgot

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AD had 8 and Shaq had 9 hof, no way Bird gets less.

Probably those 6 and MRD, Def stopper and pick&pop, maybe relentless.

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