Anniversary Series 3 Card Art

Who’s at the top of your shopping list?

1. Derrick Rose

2. Stephen Curry

3. Kyrie Irving

4. Kevin Garnett

5. Paul George

6. James Harden

COMPLETION REWARD: Galaxy Opal Shaquille O’Neal

Paul george only card I would care about in this set. This is easily the worst of the three I’d say.


It is

James Harden gonna be a glitch

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Meh, release is rather slow this year, and by the time he comes out, Tracy mcgrady and Kobe will already be released. They’ll be much better.

I want that Shaq enough I’ll lock whoever it takes.


They kind of laid their own egg with this one being Series 3. I’m surprised they didn’t mix and match the 2nd and 3rd series to make it SEEM somewhat balanced. Possibly Kyrie + Harden swapped for Larry + Shaq? Who knows

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Kyrie and KG. Cant wait to run the best version of this team

I tried FA Kevin Garnett and his release is TERRIBLE

Normally I would bend over backwards to get KG on my squad but I can’t really see him better than Giannis or Webber for me at PF… and I’m going to guess I will have some pretty nasty options at center before we can get our hands on this KG. If not, it might be a pass.

NOW if they want to give PD Pierce and PD Anniversary KG a nasty dynamic duo like last year, that’s a different story

Would be great to get GO Shaq, but i guess PD from Series 2 would be enough

This should’ve been the first set

This is definitely not a set I’d even consider. Nobody needs 3 PGs and a ball dominant SG in Harden.


In terms of OP set ranking it should have been

3rd one to 1st

1st one to 2nd

2nd one to 3rd

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I’ve always loved KG but unfortunately there’s just way too many options and he’s coming in so late. Not to mention Throwback elites and promos in between, who knows!

Chris Webber is my kryptonite, he is always too good when I play against him, today he shot a buzzer 3 point in the end of the game (I had 2 point lead) while I defended him perfectly (on ball with hands up)

That’s the set I got my MT waiting for. That G/O Shaq will be a dog

Sounds like HOF Catch and Shoot at work lol

Edit: He don’t have that but maybe Pick and Popper

he just sprinted forward, backwards and shot it

My list is a mixture of who I enjoy/miss playing with, serious rankings can wait until another day. I’ll let you in on a secret though, Steph Curry would be at #1. Nice list!