Anniversary Series 2

Anyone else going to wait till the super packs come out for these before buying them lmao

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Super pack or a free code that doesn’t work.


Solid plan if you don’t mind waiting 12 weeks to use them


I hope they add additional content to MTU after Dr. J and Zeke are released. I don’t see myself playing much if it all if they don’t put any more incentives into playing.Would probably take a long break while holding as much MT as possible.


As long as I can sell them before the super pack comes out :rofl:

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I think I just might wait . I have tons of patience

Lets be honest its no way ANYONE would wait 12 weeks to use a card after being on this site and seeing the hundreds of post about how OP “XXXX Card” is.


I’ll pay 700k for a Pd Kobe to get a pd Dr.J then sell him for half the price :rofl:

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I just hope Lebron comes out before I get my taxes back

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Super pack?

Who is all in the second series for players?

Bron, kd, kobe, larry bird, shaq, anthony davis

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If the last 3 are Shaq, Bron, and Kobe, I absolutely will have no problem waiting a couple weeks for them to do the super packs after that. But if Shaq is first, might have to insta-cop and hope I sell back before those packs drop.

Shaq at PG should be fun


I can’t wait :heart_eyes:

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every possesion:


Imo the series1 super packs were only released cause they wanted to target the christmas noobs.
Hopefully they aint drop everyone 2 months later a Pd Shaq/AD/Kobe etc this time…

Its Miami Shaq tho.

Go check out highlights of his first couple of years there. Especially his first. Was still very dominant.

After that laziness, injuries and old age kicked in.