Anniversary Packs on The Token Market


So wait they all show Ben Wallace but they say Magic/etc? Idk

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Different tabs most likely

How do you access this market?

No Magic packs for some reason. Two Ben Wallace’s, One AI and Blake

RIP to everyone that held their AI’s and Big Bens

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U think the pull rates are juiced ?

Of course not.


Wait its 15 tokens for one pack of 5 cards? God damn 2k. I’m bout to finish the third challenge page after months, which includes beating 4 multiplayer challenges (took 8) and a whole teams schedule and some other stuff , for 15 tokens.

I doubt it would be juiced. They had AI and Wallace anniversary packs on the TTO boards intermittently the last couple of months and I opened quite a few packs, definitely not juiced. I’d imagine a lot of packs were opened from TTO

Trying to kill the hoarders. Good thing I sold all my Anni cards already,

I dont think enough cards will be pulled to sway prices that much


If its really magic gg

The first pack is magic. Wouldn’t recommend ripping any of these tho.

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Rewards screen, lower right.

This is actually a great investment if you have a farm account with tokens


I need to come up w magic money. I been stuck at 200k mt for over a week

Yeah it’s magic packs, got 250 tokens from 1000 cards and open one of each.

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Just pulled magic on the first pack gg!!!

No, seriously I’m still at work. I may try a few though.

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Never thought of this. You farming domination? Must get alot of tokens