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For anyone interested I just started watching anime again…

Im currently watching HunterXHunter and im really enjoying it and plan to watch Attack on Titans, and Demon Slayer next. I have already seen HighSchool dxd,One Punch Man, My Hero Academia (my current favorite) and all the Dragon Balls (Z,GT,Super). Was wondering if anyone has some good animes with good fight scenes and good animation. I thought about One Piece and Naruto but they’re pretty long to get into at this point.

Please let me know your suggestions below.

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jujutsu kaisen And/or Demon slayer thank me later :ok_hand:t6:


fullmetal alchemist
Neon Genesis Evangelion

one piece is great but i’d recommend you to try the comics instead, its much quicker to go through
if you really like it you can re watch it in anime

jojo is very different from the list above, you either love it or hate it

So between JuJu Kaisen and Demon Slayer which should I begin first ?

Cowboy Bebop

beg your pardon ?

Cowboy Bebop. The best anime ever made. If you want to watch anime, watch this and than you’ll stop, because nothing will top this masterpiece ever.

JJK is better overall for me but demon slayer has the highest highs. But I’d do demon slayer first


Welcome back to the site btw

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Eh I just noticed the anime post :joy:. I just can’t help but chime in, I’d convert everyone to anime fans if I could

im trying to get more into it honestly.

You’ve got some great shows to watch coming up so take your time to enjoy them

just curious … what are your favorite animes ?

Just waiting for Dragon Ball Super to come back :cry:

same bro I really look forward to some further story on the Pride Troopers and the Universe 6 Saiyans and Hits story to further expand.

Attack on Titan, JJK, Love is war, FMAB, Fate series, Grand Blue, Asobi Asobase, HunterXHunter, Naruto, Overlord(mainly the novels tho), and I have a lot more I’m just not good at answering nonspecific questions

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