Anger issues

Need help, what’s so coping strategies

Get older


Breathing and counting

Find a distraction, or something you can keep on you that will work as a distraction

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Just broke something and it cost me a couple hundred dollars to fix


Nah nah one of those squeezing balls are nice

Did you get angry over something minor/dumb ?


What’d you break?

What’s anger??


Maturity, over time I learned that shit ain’t worth it and creates a bad image of yourself.


2k is really stressing. I swear a lot, my neighbours probably think im insane. I just try to think of the good things going on in life and forget taking an L. I also play other games like apex a lot and fortnite so im losing interest more in 2k so i rage less. I get mad cuz i believe im one of the best players in the world in 2k lol and its the only game im confident enough to say that cuz not too many ppl play 2k compared to fortnite.

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Have a pillow or something soft next to you that you can hit lol

2k made me break the thing

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What’d you break? I’m curious.

I’m guessing he either broke the TV or the system.

Lol classic.

Growing up

I have a graveyard :coffin: of about 4 or 5 controllers :man_facepalming:t3: