Andrew Wiggins, Legendary Defender

As they did last year, they’re giving Diamond Andrew Wiggins HoF Def Stopper. A subpar, at best, defender gets HoF Def Stopper. A guy who, for most of his career, has been considered a terrible defender.

His ratings are even better than last year, of course. Not only that, but they basically made him a better defender than Diamond Scottie Pippen:


They made him a better player than Diamond Scottie Pippen:


I think he’s shown flashes of what kind of defender he can be, but he’s lazy…

This game gives great lessons !

Wiggins is a HoF Defender, Simmons and Giannis are knockdown 3pt Shooters, they should be scouting for Franchises not making video games :joy:

Cavs Andrew Wiggins is a lockdown defender! Fact

He’s shown flashes, but everyone shows flashes. He apparently was better this year but still just doesn’t leverage his physical ability to lock down.

It would be dopey enough to give him Gold D-Stopper, like DeRozan, but HoF is beyond the pale, to me.

Comparing ratings and badging of Wiggins and Pippen, both Diamonds, annoys me more than most 2K annoyances, which are legion.

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Don’t take ratings seriously, especially for cards released way earlier. Can you imagine Kobe only got 86 Ball Control and all other craps, including many 3&D players who rarely dribble the ball, got 86 or even higher rates?

Lmao Wiggins is I kid you not about 10 spots higher then I.T for worst defenders in the NBA. The 9 between them are unknowns. Wiggins is fucking horrible on defense but they gave him HOF d-stopper :joy::joy:

In general, I agree. It’s the 2K way.

But there’s nothing wrong with Pippen’s ratings. I don’t even mind, necessarily, giving Wiggins better ratings in some other categories, but making him a better defender than Pippen is outrageous, insofar as something in a video game can be.

It’s just 2k. How you feel about PD KAT got higher on-ball defense IQ than PD AD than?

It’s an abomination.

At least they didn’t give PD KAT HoF D-Stopper, like PD AD.

As bad as Wiggins having elite defense is I actually think Fultz card is worst… hof posterizer, relentless finisher, MRD, they did get HoF difficult shots right tho… cause all his shots were difficult for him.

For arguments sake, couldn’t we assume that 2k is rating these cards based on “draft day” expectations, or how they would project as NBA players? Because “elite” defender status was handed to Wiggins before he ever played a game.

Did you watch him at all before he had the shoulder issue? He was the #1 pick for a reason.

doesnt matter what he did in college on a losing team… this isn’t ncaa2k this is NBA 2k

This is “draft day”, Wiggs is wearing a Cavs jersey bro. He was hailed as the next Pippen. And Fultz was the top pick in a loaded class.

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Think “March madness” packs last year.