Andrew Bogut locker code




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one of the worst live on tv in game injuries ive ever seen :eyes:

93 Jordan in there as well.

Do we get another 10 free tokens? Couldn’t care about the card.

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I’m happy with getting 10 tokens

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Wanted tokens and got them. Very nice!

Let’s go I need those tokens!

I wanted Bogut for my all time Bucks team and I got him :grin:

Is the card any good

if u dont like shooting or running

I wonder if the person who promotes these type of cards on Twitter does it with a cringe look on their face knowing no one cares for a Bogut card.

Doesn’t matter anyways, got tokens

Man I’ve never been excited for a diamond card in my life… except when I opened nba 2k20 at midnight and Ben Wallace was in the token market