Andre Drummond trade rumors

We are starting to hear rumors about drummond getting traded. With 12 wins in 35 games, the pistons are not doing what they expected to. Where do you think could drummond potentially be traded to? the hawks have apparently shown signs of interest.

Mavs also showed interest

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27mil for an elite rebounder with no post offense or defense

That would be really special to have porz/luka/drummond on the same team

I saw a tweet from supposedly the most reliable Mavs guy and he said Mavs showed no interest a couple of weeks ago.
And idk if Drummond would be better than Powell for the Mavs, tbh.
Powell is a lot more mobile on defense and can switch on guards.
Mavs don’t have a rebounding problem and that’s the only thing he excels at.

Drummond is a good player, but he’s making 27mil? Hell no. 18-20 is his value.

This is a click bait thread. Change the title. Rumour is fine. But this makes it sound like there is a report that he has been traded already.

That being said be interesting to see who takes him



Perfect. Thanks man. :)))

no problem and where do you see him going? i think he could land in a contending team. Some kind like the marc gasol trade

Not sure why the Hawks are showing interest in him, he wouldn’t change shit they’ll still suck. He should go to a contender for sure.

Tbh I hope not Marc makes our team move and click on offense and defense. Having him able to hold the ball and playmake opens up a lot of offense. And he is an anchor on the defensive end.

Drummond’s lack of jump shooting would Cripple the number one shooting 3pt team in the league.

Some kind like the marc gasol trade

The report was that Raptors are also interested.
I could see him being traded for expiring Ibaka or Gasol.
Boston can’t match the salaries. So it will probably be Atlanta. With another dumb move.

Not true. He’d give us rebounding and rim protection. Both of what we don’t have now

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I meant it would be a “trade model” similar to what happened with gasol last year

Ah I see

I heard raps were in on it too. So I guess we shall see

Raps do need better rebounding lol

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He will probably enter free agency and centers are a dying breed to build around, win rings and be effcient as a team. He also be to expensive in the end to what he produce which is his only elite skill rebounding.

Local radio said Celtics were asking about him

I hope he does go to ATL. Would love to see him with Trae. I’m not able to think of the best PG Drummond has ever played with. I think Trae would unlock Dre’s full potential.

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Go to Bulls I dnt want Lavine feel bad worse