And this is why I hate greedy 2K

I recently stopped playing and mainly due to this. Not posted by me but someone else who looked at this and I completely forgot.

I agree on this 100 % and no we shouldn’t be shocked. 2K obviously wasn’t going to change which of course they should but because people constantly give them money, and keep asking for these OP Cards, cards with HOF Range and all these other badges to be able to compete no wonder people quit 2K.

I log on for daily login but usually that’s it lol. I haven’t played and started playing other games and thank God for that. Another frustrating rant yes, but I’m not surprised 2K said this in the blog at start for people to come back to play.

If y’all want to change this,say something, otherwise we will never play a decent game that’s not always Pay to win…

Obviously my voice isn’t big enough in the community for change to this game,no one’s will be… They say one thing and these false claims like this make it so hard to say anything positive about 2k…


I tend to be vocal of my opinions on 2K sometimes and sometimes I do give credit to them…
Obviously I can’t change this but I’ve been sick of it for a long time…

I’m at the point where I’m likely taking a year off 2K perhaps


Money speaks louder than words. Only language they understand. As you see by the example above, words don’t mean shit to them.

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Thon Maker at PG is all that needs to be said here. Completely idiotic.


2K is literally describing MyTeam as goofy and unrealistic.


The question is for those who plan on getting 2k21, how many of you would be going full no money spent after these horrendous pack odds? You can end up with a pretty damn squad of reward cards but the grind is tedious and exhausting.

Although they went a little overboard with the glitched idea, I think this year was a small step in the right direction compared to previous years when it comes to lineups

It feels like there is only 100 cards in the game this year

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Guys that stick up for 2K usually like Richy( nothing against Richy cause I don’t have a problem with him ), I know they understand why people hate this company and this game, but they still hype these cards, and people also want to say, oh well look this card sucks without RE or this and that. So what? What the hell is the point of playing a game non realistic. 2K’s making tons of money and honestly can’t tell me they aren’t. These cards are way too cheesy like Thon and why do we have these? Thon was never a GO worthy player in his NBA Career

How??? Everything got even more outta control…
What was the step in the right direction that hasn’t been followed by 2 steps backwards?


I didn’t see full SF/PF/C lineups that had no weaknesses starting in the second month this year. At least that took a good 5 months. I still see regular guards a lot in MTU, last year I never did

This is one thing that kind of surprises me. Yes they made a lot of good progress with people who play NMS and can run good teams from grinding, but the company is out of touch with what the fans really need and want.

I understand why 2K releases these big guys as PG’s but this is some next level BS imo that isn’t good at all. Glitched is a bad idea esp

As I said they went overboard with Glitched. Should have kept it to maybe 3 players or so

Only bc people asked for position locks, and we all know they made more money from that this year from releasing more OP versions of cards at other positions.

I’m in the minority but I’m a supporter of position locks. They just have to reel in the OOP cards they release a bit for it to truly have great potential but hey they want to make money. It’s a business.

I still enjoyed the lineups I saw for the first 5 months of the game this year much more than last year. I’m fine with being in the minority there

I can’t even grind out one Spotlight sim without getting burn’t out or bored of the game. 300 games against CPU,no thanks.

Position locks force to you to pick from. 3 or 4 players at each position the diversity pool is way smaller then last year

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They rather recycle the same players around at different positions than drop players who don’t even have opals yet

I disagree. I still see way more guards than I ever saw last year. Especially through the first half of the cycle like I said. And this year they actually made guards usable with offensive advantages. Now it’s less diverse because the game is winding down

I said all summer they would monetize position locks. People just said I was a cheeser and they wouldnt.