An idea for future 2k myteam

Just had this idea: what if every time you played an online match (is it called unlimited this year?) you have an option to either play normal or glitched mode. Normal mode means you can only use players in their correct positions so you can use small guard lineups. Glitched mode means you can use out of position players. This would perhaps make people play the lineups they like more and not play ridiculous 5 center lineups that they maybe don’t even want to but have to to be competitive. A win-win right? What do you guys think?

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Cool idea. Unfortunately that would mean 2k has to actually put effort into the game and you know that aint happening.


Good idea but 2k would never implement it :joy:


2K will do whatever makes them the most money and sadly I don’t think anything resembling sim/realism will achieve that. Those of us craving that kind of experience are in the vast minority unfortunately


A future idea I have for 2k is them to release a token update or rather tell ppl when one :point_up: coming and to be ready for it lol

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Until they make a balanced gameplay with cards restrictions where really need to be good to score and play defense , I will not take this mode serious . Even with crazy free content and nice modes to play

I like this fantasy mode. Would be better with a more managed juice for some cards. Make historic slashers the best slashers, historic shooters the best shooters and so…

I would like road to the playoffs again as a another mode or replacement with mt amounts and packs/ reward cards increasing with every tier

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Ngl I kinda miss blacktop where you’d put a card in and get 2 random ones, really let you try new cards

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At least Nba Jam gave me a option to do a 3 pass alleyoop and a auto fireball when you’re on fire