Amy Tobias Harris?

Has anyone tried this guy? He has always been a player I enjoy watching and using because he is not a big-name type guy, but he is a solid scorer. Good 2k material. I picked him up for 7k last night because I thought he would be fun to use to change up my gameplay a bit rather than using guys like LBJ and KD like everyone else.

Anyone have experience using him?

I haven’t used him personally, but I can’t imagine you being disappointed, especially not at that price. His offensive stats are dope and his size should make up for his mediocre defensive stats. From HTB’s game play, he seemed to have a pretty smooth release.

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His release looks a bit slow, gonna have to test out his moving jumper to see how it is from mid! Might be a good shot creator.

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Got for 4kneed to try him out

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Lemme know how it goes! I’m gonna try him either today or tomorrow probably. I’m sitting at 11-0 atm so gotta decide if I wanna play my 12th game. Tough decision

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I play with the clippers a lot on PNO and he’s a mismatch at the 3 or I even put him at the center to run 3pt plays. The C is to slow to chase him around screens so he will be open all of the time. One of my fav players to use on 2k

To big at the SF and to quick and fast at the C

His amy last year was meh for me, but hey, i aint trippin, these balenciagas aint got no laces


I gave him a try in TTO and he’s basically a slower dribbling, slower shooting, slower running version of Melo with equally bad defense.

I’d pay no more than 5K for this card, and even then, it still needs two expensive badges to become serviceable (limitless range, defensive stopper).

Just stick with diamond Melo if you’ve already got him, and if you don’t have him, keep grinding for him.


I’ve done some damage with him on PNO. He’s got a nice jump shot when wide open

I support this statement. He’s not very great, spot up stretch 4 at best with poor defense.

It’s definitely an easy to time jumper. I might put his release on MyPlayers and see how it works out.

I killed with him at the beggining of the year with the emerald. He can be a Budget Melo if you know how to use him right (high post, low post, quick hitters, etc)