Amy Porzingis at the 5

I plan on bringing Amy Porzingis in off the bench strictly for Pick N Pop. How is his release, rim protecting, rebounding etc?

I haven’t used many Porzingis cards in 2K so these are the things I’m concerned about but will be picking him up tonight.

great all u need is hustle rebounder limitless and d stopper

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he’s great but preferably at the 4

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I can probably run him at the 4 but really need a 5 with a 3-ball and nice release. Been running Amy Embiid (he’s been okay for me but want to upgrade) and tried newest Diamond KAT, wasn’t feeling them. Was hoping Porzingis could fill that void.

He is phenomenal at 5 tho, I use him as my bench center and he can ever defend Hakeem well

Porzingus at the 4 and AD at the 5 has been pretty deadly.

Would strength be a concern? His height, length and player model would make up for any deficiencies that come to mind

Wish I could afford AD lol

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I sold all the shoes in my collection and made a pretty penny. Took me a solid 2 hours though. Shit was painful.

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He’s great at the 5 but can get bullied. His height helps mitigate it a bit, though.

I feel like playing him st the 5 is wasting the card. That’s my personal opinion

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Someone like me who has Shaq starting and Hakeem off the bench would eat, honestly big z is a better option if that’s your gameplan, but if you were to have both youncan run the same play style with z starting then kris off the bench

Thanks for the input everybody. I’m also considering Marc Gasol. I’ve ran against a couple and they were decent.

i just can’t stand being punked inside for rebounds & in the post so i prefer him at the 4 w true center at the 5

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Same that’s why he’d come off my bench. I have Dwight Howard starting, he’s probably my favorite center in the game.

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Gasol would be way better than porzingis, I have gasol as my backup center and his release isn’t as good as porzingis, but it’s still an good release, that’s easy to Green. Plus he won’t get bullied like porzingis against someone who knows how to do it.

I think he’s better at the 4 he isn’t a great defender and has low rebounding ratings. I have a rebounding shoe on him and he does well but he’ll get abused if you don’t on ball and know how to defend the post.

i briefly had him at the 5 with gold adiddas shoes +5 boxout , off & def rebounding so they were all above 90 stats
i got an easy double double on pd shaq but other than that game , he wasnt that crazy at C