Amy Pippen w curry or Kobe AD Mid?

I wouldn’t be running him at point, it would be for him at the SF position. Which one fits better in that case?

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Curry’s it does every thing that the kobe ad does lol and if you wanna sell him I’ll buy :sweat_smile:

How much would you buy him for just curious? @OGxSuave how much is Pippen with curry’s Worth

Lol Idk his base goes for about 17k so I think maybe 50k

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I’m thinking about picking one up too. I think 50k is probably still too much. He’s seelling as low as 11k on Xbox right now. You’ll probably see one up for about 33k sooner or later I would also like a Clyde with that same shoe @OGxSuave

My team is sooo stacked afte this crash idk where I would even use Pippen

Amy Pippen with a Diamond Curry 3 Shoe has over 97 open shot 3, 98 Speed w/ ball, and 99 acceleration. Whoever got my Amy Pippen w/ Diamond shoe for 500 is lucky.

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Yea bro I’ve seen some Clyde’s with that shoe and dr j

You sold it for 500mt? Why?

was trying to pass it on @Awanz but I fucked up the timing lmfao

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Oh wow. Lol I would’ve paid good money for that smh

It’s all good lol. Someone got a nice Amy Pippen but now that I got his Kobe AD Mid shoe, I might run him at PG, and sell off my RWB and go get the Kawhi.

My dr J has those Shoes… gets to 97 3 pointer. Feels like a different card. I’ve tried to find Clyde with them Never seen them up tho.