Amy MJ, does him worth?

Guys, do you think that i should buy him now that you can have him for 10-15k? I mean can he do the difference in a lineup like this one?

Yeah, he is way better than ruby MJ, so if you like that one, you’ll love the amy. Can’t go wrong with that price either.

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huge upgrade, go for it

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I’m looking for the bids right now :wink: thank you guys.
And if someoneread this: which badges should i add on him?

Why are Cousins and Porzingis on the bench? Surely Boogie is way better than Lopez. And I wouldn´t hold KP on the bench. If he´s not good enough for you in the starting 5, just sell him and get someone cheaper.

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I don´t think you can get MJ for 15k. You should be prepared for 20k at least.

I saw 2/3 three bid at 15 and saw some buy now with very low prices…
KP and boogie are in the bench cause i’m trying to have a balanced team so that when it’s substitution time i don’t take a huge disvantage

If u think that is a stupid thought just tell me :sweat_smile:

I just think your best C should play the most time

His defense and driving is really good. He still has a 79 open 3 so he can still hit them if he’s wide open, has an easy release too which helps. I got mine for 15k, was a no brainer.

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I know, i let boogie play way more minute than lopez, the same for KP but i prefer to start with the loosers and then let the stars shine hahahaha

Yes i’m trying to buy him now… which badges have you added??

None yet. wanted to test him out beforehand and i just got him. I plan on adding every shooting badge he dont have besides limitless

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