Amy Malone

Amy Malone

How is he as far as a budget PF goes?

I’m wondering if he or McHale is an upgrade over Amy Frye. Frye is just trash he bricks way too much for what his ratings are and he’s slow as shit.

You with mailman at pf?? Yeah right lmao. I’m sure he’s a boss but not your style.

Look at his stats he can shoot the three don’t need a lot from him. Aren’t you supposed to be watching the Raptor game? Fuck off


He looks like a solid undersized 5 or a good 4 in a traditional 3 out lineup. But damn can’t see you running him at the 4. Low key he does look solid tho with HoF dream shake and HoF post spin.

Terrible perimeter D tho. Will get messed up trying to guard lebron or Giannis or any quick small ball 4

Ps raptors murdering bum pelicans

You can go to work with him inside if there’s a weak sf on him or he could be in a 4-1 hitting that corner three. His threes a 78 with coach plus dimer and he’s got gold catch and shoot. He really does look solid. Frye not stopping any of those guys either. I just noticed he’s got a 48 speed that is awful he is fucking gone. Lol

He’s aight. The list of better budget options is quite long tho. Tom Chambers, Antoine Walker, David Robinson, hell even Ruby Raef is better as a stretch 4.

Legit trash. Slow as hell.

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I dunno why I thought D Rob was locked to center maybe I try him there

Raefs my backup 5 rn

He’s great at PF. Trust.

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Sapphire KP is budget and I’d take him straight up over 90% of the higher tier stretch 4s in the game. I run diamond k-love as a stater and sapph KP on my bench. Prob won’t replace him, until we get another KP. Always the best PF in 2k.

Edit: ruby KP was in 250k tourney qualifier lineups last year. Really no reason not to use him.

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