Amy Luka Is the way

Get this card he’s insane, I have him as backup PG and he just dropped 13 in the 4th quarter to win me the game


Opened 2 packs in 4 days with mt. First pack had diamond Scottie and second was amy Luka. There’s my luck for the year


He can have total breakout game each night so a diamond card is coming sooner or later. I mean last night was already something special for a rookie.

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How do you use him? His stats obviously say midrange, moving mid, but his drive game is great too. I just am still learning to trust him since I hate missing layups against the OP rim protectors.

For me hes great but hes a glue guy ball handler. I run some nice handoff plays with him tho but i dont love his moving mid release, not bad just not cheesy

He’s my PG so I facilitate and drive a lot with him, I haven’t tried the moving mid but I was up three and he made a spinning and one lay up to ice it so driving with him seems be one of his strengths I also am I able to shoot the three off of dribble moves, I believe I used similar to how he plays in real life iso mixed in with some regular offense

I see what you mean about the missing layups tho since he isnt a great dunker but I haven’t had that problem

Diamond Luka might come out tbh

Or a higher rated Amy

If he does I’ll just sell the Amy back for whatever I’m having fun with him tho so

His Amy can’t improve much more besides badges and defense

Yeah he has a nice tendency and good rating so posterizer helps him alot for me. I have no complaints, but yeah he is just good starter for me and when he gets the ball, I feel like i have many options so its nice. Maybe if I brought him in my second unit his role might change.

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Yeah he’s in my second unit so his role may be a little bit different but my second unit is focused around primarily sharing the ball/moving it around

Same i come out with white chocolate, peja,sarunas,zbo and boogie

may be better than my starters

fox(foams) christie (clamp god) luka hedo vlade

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48 Low post def, Yummy.

Lol I would make adjustments but 99% of the time I don’t run into people who run Ben Wallace at point :fu:t4: Lmao.

Ben Wallace is a beast pg, Kirilenko is even better

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What position do you run him at? His shot rises over lil guys quite easily. My first priority with him is to find a sweet spot and pull. I can imagine limitless might just make him elite. His pull-up is pretty lethal imo. Mine also has dimer for when someone helps in on the drive.

PG is the best place to run him at

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If he had better defense he would be starting PG but that’s one thing holding him back hopefully his diamond gets an upgrade

Yeah someone brought in Ben against him and poor Luka couldn’t do a thing except foul. His steal is pretty clutch. Don’t forget to add pick pocket on him!

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I run him at SF… He’s not a PG and has mediocre defense so I would never run him there. Way better options to cheese with at PG.

I feel like he should have a little more of an impact since Christie doesn’t touch the ball. Fox is ball dominant but he’s a sniper also (96 3) w limitless.