Amy Klay price is unreal

This shit is ridiculous lol. I’m happy tho i bought it for 80k. Xbox Price btw.

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Price in general are unreal now.
Sold t-mac with defensive shoes for 290k, bought last week for 220k

Well T-Mac was over 400k before the Kobe , Jordan and LeBron crash so 290k is not even that high.

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I remember getting diamond Klay for 220k seems like that is a bargain if Amy Klay is 146k

This. If you got players to sell, sell them now while the market is as high as it’s been in weeks. As soon as a new batch of moments or throwbacks come out, the inflation bubble should pop and bring things back down. Very rare to have this much of a price elevation within a couple day span.

Agree. Prices are going up and down day by day.

When do you think I should sell these 5 badboys? These are the only valuable cards i have because I’m selling my MT soon.

I’m thinking of auction the 2 97 LeBron but keeping the Heat LeBron and Wade because they might get a duo with eachother soon.
T-Mac is a hard call for me i played 117 game with him and average 25.6 points/game on 62% FG so he will problably the last card i sell. I so damn love it. He also has a diamond contract + diamond defensive shoe.

I would’ve sold them yesterday. Not home to see current pricing with the new Curry release, but I’m sure you can still get top dollar right now for those guys.

Is that Xbox or PC?

If u want to sell I think the best moment is now, u should also re-buy tmac In the next market crash. With d contrat&shoes u would get over 300k

Maybe too late, it depends on curry’s impact

Everything i posted is on Xbox.

Dam that first 20 minutes after curry tweet there were like 5 Klays for 90k BIN but it’s dried back up. Only one with a 100k bid and over an hour left… Should have grabbed one

Why is his price going up if the duo is with 95 Steph.

Was just a momentary dip as people ripped for Steph, but since there’s only 1 on the AH people must have realised odds were ass and stopped pulling… So Klay went back to what he was before

Guess I’ll get 100k+ for my extra Klay then. :+1:

Do people buy strategy cards?

What has he been selling for on PS4?

Seems you can probably sell them for the minimum 1000 for a 20-stack, but that might take a while and selling for more than that is very unlikely.

I was looking into this last night. It’s just not worth the effort. You’re better off just quick-selling them for 50 a pop, as i really don’t see anyone bothering to buy a stack for anything more than you’d get quick-selling them individually.