Amy Kawhi Leonard worth the coin?

As a raps fan I’m getting hella hyped. But wondering if he’s worth dropping the mt at this point in the game.

Nah. I’m a huge Kawhi stan but he’s a 10k card worth of stats.

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cards trash

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Thanks for the heads up boys. GG AMY KLAW.

Ruby pippen is much better.


I haven’t used him, but there has to be a reason Kawhi is the cheapest amy by far.

Badged up he’s been strong for me.

KD is the only auctionable card that’s really Worth buying. IMO

If you compare 2k18 sapphire Kawhi to 2k19 amythest Kawhi, theyre damn near identical. The sapph might be better lol

I wanted to like this card but i couldnt. Defense shows up here and there but offense is just terrible

Badge him up and throw on a shoe and he is an elite defender but you can’t use him as a 1st, 2nd or even 3rd option really. He is more of a defensive specialist who can score in needed

Have him with a diamond shoe. Beast card.

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