Amy Jimmy Butler is still a beast

Just letting ya’ll know.


Ruby nick young is a sniper

Amy Jimmy will be in my squad until the end,unless better jimmy with better 3pt comes out

Preach. Best release for me in the game. I’ve tried sooo many cards but I always come back to Amy Jimmy Buckets. His post fade is nice too. I was sitting here about to pick up TMac (still might) but damn Butler is awesome, all that time away from MyTeam made me forget how beastly he was.


I feel like i would not be able to green jumpers constantly with Tmac like i am with jimmy,through the whole year i found fast releases unreliable

i miss that card , used to get so much green transition 3s , id rather him than grant hill

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Same i got grant hill but still use butler over him

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he is an equalizer beast

Butler is the perfect 3-D shooting guard

Loved that card…but I remember that feeling when I pulled up for a moving mid range in transition and remembered he cant hit that shot for some stupid ass 2k reason. It happened quite often.

Well moving mid is the only flaw,for an amethyst that is still more than good

Always a Beast.

Only Limited Roy hit more transition 3s for me

I’m still starting him at SG on my Sixers squad. Really hoping he gets a PD or diamond Bulls throwback elite.

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Me too bro PD/Di Butler is a Must Cop

Read on here that Tmac has the same release as Jimmy… i have been loving tmac’s and will rebuy jimmy to see. That would be an awesome to have.

they don’t have the same release

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