Amy Jaylen Brown or Amy Kawhi Leonard?

This is my squad rn

Who fits better? Redd has a diamond defensive shoe as well … Any other suggestions? I have about 38k

Kawhi leonard used to be a starter for me about 3 weeks ago, but his stats really are not that great, he seems to get stripped a lot. But on the drive or off the catch, he is great. I only played with Jaylen Brown for one game but he did not play very well at all, he felt very slow with the ball in his hands and legit got snatch blocked by boogie. I think kawhi is probably slightly better but he is also about 10k more, have you looked at wiggins or english? They played better for me and are cheaper.

Yeah, I was also looking at wiggins, but his defense worries me, is his defense good?

When you are playing on ball defense with him he is actually really good, I think he has like 97 lat quickness which makes him feel really fast on ball, off ball he is just average, but in the 7 games I played with him he always was perfectly fine defensively and was a beast on offense at getting to the rim

How was his shot? because when I had Leonard his 3 was really consistent…

His release is really solid and is pretty quick combined with decent ratings making him reasonably consistent from deep and spot on from mid range

I think Imma get him then, He’s cheap, and if i dont like him most i’m gonna loose out on is 2k

Haven’t played with Jaylen yet, but I think that Kawhi is the best Amy in the game. He is absolutely knock down from 3 for me and is the best wing defender I’ve played with easily. I only sold mine in anticipation of a diamond Kawhi coming in these throwback packs at some point.

I’m a fan of kawhi. Never used brown but when kawhi was in my lineup he was very reliable on defense. For some reason his player model feels bigger than 6’7

His wingspan is insane. This makes a massive difference as he is more like 6’11 with the wingspan. Thats a 6’11 sf with defensive stopper. 2k knows it so they nerfed his stats.

2k does a good job with accurate player models and body proportions. 2k doesn’t do a great job having their gameplay not get broken from these proportions.

Kawhi is THE epitomy of 3 and D.

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