Amy J.R Smith is goated

I bought him for a bench 2 guard for some instant offense off the bench. 3 minutes, 26 points, 7 STRAIGHT greens from 3. Then, proceeds to pull off a windmill contact dunk and 1 the next possession. Dude quits. I am seriously jealous of PD JR owners because this amy is goated. Unreal card


Man that’s crazy. I got him for my free throwback elite and he was clanking everything for me so I switched to Michael Redd and he sprays like a god. Maybe I need to go back and get his jumpsuit down better.

wow u got a shoe on him??

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Yes I got him with the red kyries, and a diamond contract for 50k last night. Badged out as well. On the 6th shot was a limitless lightly contested 3 just for a heat check, and greened it lol. Card is insaneeeee

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The PD is fucking ridiculously amazing. :sunglasses::+1:t2:

He inconsident