Amy Dwight Howard price fluctuations

I’ve been watching the price of Amy Dwight Howard on the XBox auction house the last few days. He’s been fluctuating from nearly sub-2k yesterday to +5k this evening.

Dwight is needed for the Oubre Week 1 agenda items. And I wonder if Pantheon packs are spitting lots of him out. So there’s constant demand and varying supply, maybe. Or price fixing?

Any other thoughts on why his price would be changing so much?

Probably because as we move closer to Monday, which is when the free Opal drops from completing all 5 weeks, people become more rushed to complete previous challenges. Also, season is close to finishing and some may want those last bits of XP to move up a level.

Ahhhh that makes sense. Do we know the free opal will require doing all the previous weeks? That’s what I sort of assumed.

The XP wasn’t something that crossed my mind, but it also makes sense. Thanks for that insight.

The Opal does require all previous weeks to be finished. Trying to grind Nurkic’s challenges and they are a pain. Glad I kept up the whole season tho.

Oh yeah, Nurk was sort of a pain. If you can get Emerald Meyers Leonard from the token market he can knock out the points pretty quick in TTOffline.


I tried Leonard and I can’t really get his release down. Doing bully ball with token Maurice Lucas and it’s really boring. Hoping this reward will be worth it :crossed_fingers:

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If u got Bill Walton from ascension, easy pickings

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Is it just the pd players that need to be finished? Or do we think it will need the play tto/tt/unlimited games as well?

2KTV Episode said that only the PD players would be needed. Glad the others aren’t needed bc you can’t get me to touch Unlimited with a 10-ft pole