Amy Draymond/ speed shoe ps4

It’s on the auction house for 4 hours

100k buyout. The card is amazing. But he’s being replaced by pd Dirk I just pulled

100k BIN? Isn’t that a little much?

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Not sure…

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Holy fuck

What shoe?

I pulled two Kobe ad mids yesterday. Bought him for 8 k last night

This shoe?

Yes exactly

Pulled two with Mt yesterday

With that shoe?


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I’ll chalk this up as a W for me lol

That’s probably what he was worth, I bought the shoe from somebody here

Oh my
Lord I might have to sell mine

Thinking the same lol wtf

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To his defense this draymond is ELITE with this shoe.

I also copped a Iggy with curry’s for like 70k today lol

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Yes, perfect shoe for him. I need a Dray diamond though

I agree, I think they’ll drop one