Amy Darrel Griffith

Can someone reccomend looking at picking him up, what’s he like?

hes hella small that’s why I’ve been hesitant to pick him up.

That would not be much of an issue for me I’d probably run at point looks like a stud tho

yeah. I thought about grabbing him last week but he was way overpriced.

If you’re not running an All-Time Jazz team he’s useless. Ruby Mo Pete and Eddie Jones better

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Some up today like 40k with diamond shoe

damn that’s hella expensive. you should seriously look into mo pete

Not worth it. Basically an Amy Rip Hamilton with a slower release

Who do you recommend looking for a 1 or 2 guard preferably athletic as well

I used him for a bit. That fucker can shoot the ball. Loved his release. Flipped him for more mt tho

How’s his defense?

Dell Curry is nice.

Left something to be desired. But def wasnt using him for d purposes. He wasnt terrible. But wasnt lockdown.

Isn’t he more expensive?


How much is Griffith

I used both cards. I preferred griffith over dell

Got one like 44k with white pg1s he’s a beast should I sell for a profit and get a cheaper option

I sold my Griffith for 70 k with a diamond shoe. U can get a decent amount

Which shoe who would you reccomend instead

I could prob make like 65k off him