Amy Dantley 85 driving dunk?!

Hof posterizer. 100 driving 100 flashy dunk tendencies. But he only has an 85 driving dunk. Smfh

He’s fast as hell though at least gonna see how he does off my bench.

Just tried him out, he dunks like it’s a 99. Great animations shooting off the dribble and nice dunk animations.

Of course the badges help him out a lot, but I really like this card so far!

Nice does he feel as fast as his stats suggest? I haven’t got to try him yet he does look nice though. His defense doesn’t seem great but he does have 95 lateral so he should be fine

He is pretty fast, especially with the ball.

Speed wise, feels similar to Baylor. This card honestly reminds me of last year’s Baylor, minus the 3pt shooting and rebounding, but his animations attacking the basket are great.

I like this card, not to start, but to bring off the bench to play the 1-2 because he can handle the ball, post-up (spin is so easy) and pass pretty well.

Not too bad a card tbh!

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If you have anything over an 80 driving dunk in this game you’re Vince Carter. 85 is plenty.