Amy Capela Incoming?

25 points 22 rebounds

He better get one, thats hell of a line.

Nice. Got him on my fantasy squad.

Might be in a loss but still a moments card maybe? Dat three by Blake tho

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Yeah most likely an Amy Capella. He dropped 20/20 on Pink Diamond Blake. That’s huge.


Hes got 29 pts now… Blake out there playing like that PD card though :joy:


Can’t lie. Reggie Jackson is pulling a Harden on the Rockets :rocket:. Flopping and drawing fouls to get the W. Very effective.

Never mind he scoring with ease now that Harden has 5 fouls

its a franchise or an individual record or something? if no, for an L, I doubt he got that amy+ moments card.
max a ruby

Yeah gonna be tough to give it to him in that deflating loss, but it’s a chance.

Nah Adams didn’t get one

doubt it’s an amy

Ruby at best, tbh Amy Capela won’t ever be that good anyway :frowning:

I picked up Montrezl Harrell off the free agent list, what a beast

Drummond will get a ruby I think. Capela might miss out due to the loss